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I work at ABB as an Electronics Technician. That involves general electrical design development, Prototyping, Testing, Schematic and PCB design, CAD, Designing and building test equipment and Programming in LabVIEW.

My interests include:
Electronics, Computers, Website design with PHP and MySQL, Dissembling VCRs Cameras and other interesting old electronics, LabVIEW Programming and Watching Anime.

I have had an interest in electronics my entire life. I have been interested in computers and programming since around 1999.
I began collecting video equipment in 2005 because (for reasons unknown. Maybe because its an unusual and rare thing) I developed an urge to get hold of a video camera that records to a separate portable VCR. At that stage I knew such things existed but never physically seen one. The first set I got was a National WVP-50 Camera with a NV-100 VCR. I bought it from TradeMe, The New Zealand equivalent of eBay.
Before collecting video equipment I had a small collection of old computers. Those have mostly been sold now (to make room for VCRs).

I like:
National brand VCRs and Video Camera from the 80s, Broadcast video equipment, Video editing in Linear and Non-Linear, Tapon (Piggy Back) Mains Plugs, Windows 2000 (The best operating system of all time), Intel, i7 Systems, Philips brand LCD Monitors 170P5 170P6 200P6, IEEE1394b, Gigibit Ehternet, Old computers like Amiga and Acorn, National Instruments DAQs, LabVIEW, GPIB, Agilent Test Equipment.

I don't like:
Murphy's Law because it makes things difficult and annoying, Soft boring music, AMD, Windows XP / Vista, Software applications that don't conform to the standard windows user interface eg Lotus Notes, Horrible blury icons that most program have these days (Might be windows XPs fault), Clear Type (Who would want to make the text on their expensive LCD blury? What a stupid thing to do), Pretty much all the UI "Enhancements" windows XP has (eg No tree lines, Hiding tray icons, Task bar common grouping, Search assistant. All those things make windows slower and more annoying to use), Times New Roman Font, Wireless computer networks, Wireless keyboards and mice.

The original intention of this site was to keep a record of all the things in my video equipment collection but it has expanded into several other areas. Mainly because I enjoy working on the site so much.

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Tapon plugs also know as piggy back or pass through are the best things ever. They allow you to stack multiple plugs into one socket. I find it strange so many people don't understand how useful they are.
I don't know if they are available in all countries but I know they are in Australia, New Zealand and the US.
Above you can see some of my Tapon plugs connected together just for fun to see how long it would be.

Beocom 2000 by Bang & Olufsen ©1986
The worlds best sounding and best looking telephone

Some of my Video Cameras

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